Friday, September 2, 2016

Jen's Fancy Casts

New to us this summer was serial casting. Jen's muscles are super tight and her therapists are hoping to get a lasting stretch this way. We've spent all month going in to have another stretch and casts applied.

Her favorite color is yellow, but the therapist didn't have enough yellow to do the entire thing, so she compromised with purple casts and yellow stripes.

We're on the final set now and I'm beginning to notice a marked improvement in her walking.  Really hoping this is just the thing she's needed!

Therapy Fun!

Now lest you think we are going this whole conquering sensory issues alone... we have a great team of therapists who are helping and advising. 

So blessed to have access to some really good professionals!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

The quest to conquer sensory processing disorder

Our tiny miss has suffered from an absolute lack of stimulation and we're working hard at PLAY in our house.  Her favorite activity would be the water table....


followed by the Therabrush.

It took her two days to warm up to the water beads.  She WANTED to touch them, but the feeling was a bit too much.

Some of my grandchildren were over the next day and they LOVED them.

I believe they were instrumental in getting Sonnet to give them a chance.

Another thing we've tried is Kinetic Sand.  At this point she grabs a handful and attempts to take it straight to her MOUTH so we'll put that one away for awhile!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Scenes from the airport -- Sonnet's homecoming

There is this really neat program called Red Thread Sessions where photographers with a heart for adoption offer discounted sessions to adoptive families and their recently home children.  We were so very fortunate to have these photographers volunteer their time to us after our last three adoptions.

For the first time ever it worked out that we had the photographer at the airport when we first arrived home!  Mikki was able to capture those once in a lifetime moments where Sonnet met the rest of the family, and the photos are so very precious to me!  These hit my inbox this morning, nearly a month to the day that Sonnet came home.  So fun to relive that special day. Mikki took LOTS of pictures.  Here are some of my favorites.

If you'd like to hire Mikki or even see about a Red Thread session for yourself in the Cincinnati area, you can find her website HERE!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Good Samaritans

A few days ago my lovely friend, Linny posted about a special moment, a holy moment which took place in a public restroom of all places!  If you haven't read it, go now.  I'll wait.  The link is HERE!

I love Linny's stories, and they are always relevant to me it seems, but I didn't expect to find myself in the position of NEEDING help just a couple of days after reading her post.

Sonnet struggled in the church service this week.  She's only been home for a month so she is given lots of grace when a situation doesn't quite "fit" her needs.  I decided we would best serve her AND the rest of the congregation if I just took her out to the foyer.

Even though she isn't very heavy, Sonnet has the height of a nearly seven year old.  She is L-O-N-G and somewhat difficult to handle without her stroller.  It was parked in a corner a short distance away, so I whispered the request to Tikvah to follow us out with the stroller and then started out of the sanctuary.

What is more difficult than carrying a L-O-N-G limp child?  Carrying one who suddenly gets a seizure while you are walking!  I finally got out to the foyer - in reality it took a few seconds but it felt like an hour - and gratefully got her onto one of the couches.  Her seizures (thankfully) never last very long, so in a few more moments I picked her up to comfort her.  As I looked up there came Tikvah again, and being the smart and quick thinking young lady she is, she grabbed a handful of the tissues kept at the welcome desk on the way by.  Abigail was with her and had blood running down her face.  She gets random nose bleeds.  The doctor doesn't seem to be concerned, but we can't predict when they will happen, and it makes a mess sometimes.

Tikvah got Abigail and the wad of kleenex the few steps over to me and asked if she could go clean herself up. That seemed to be a totally reasonable request.  So there I sat holding Abigail's nose with one hand while attempting to keep Sonnet from diving off my lap with the other.  There was a lady about my age on the other part of the L shaped couch who looked at me a few times but quickly went back to whatever she was doing on her phone.

Abigail was becoming agitated and I then noticed that the poor little dear had blood running down her hands and arms and she is a NEAT FREAK!  I looked about helplessly cause there was no way I could reach the diaper bag even though it was just a few feet away.  I glanced at the phone lady hoping that she might offer some help but aside from another glance or two, nothing.  Perhaps I should have asked for her help, but I kept thinking that surely Tikvah would wander back from the restroom soon.

A minute or two later a good Samaritan passed my way at the side of the couch.... OH!  Wrong story.  A nice lady walked by, and seeing my genuine struggle asked, "What can I do to help you?"  I replied, "If you could just grab the package of wipes out of my bag right there, it would be fabulous!"    Not only did she get the wipes, but she did the unheard of in this day of "universal precautions" and cleaned up Abigail's hands and arms while I continued to hold the nose which was still gushing and the Sonnet who was intent on taking a dive.

She then asked if Sonnet might let her hold her so I could concentrate on just Abigail.  I told her I appreciated the offer, but Sonnet had been home only a few weeks so that probably would not work.  Then this dear lady prayed for my girls and for me.  For our strength and health and well-being.  Wow.  I'm sure she had no idea what this meant to me, and in my moment of confusion on that couch I totally missed the chance to even ask her name.  But she seriously was the good Samaritan to me  and I appreciated her time and concern so much.

What is my point?  There are a couple actually.

1.  How many times have we moms actually NEEDED some help but didn't ask?  There was a lady three feet from me.  I COULD have asked if she would mind getting the wipes out for me.  I expect she would have done so.  But this mom of many didn't want to intrude.  How many times do we tough it out when we could save that stamina for when we actually NEED it?  If there is a next time I hope I will just ask for help!

2. "I really believe the "phone lady" was a decent and compassionate person.  How many times do I glance at a situation with a sympathetic smile but don't know what to do so I don't get involved?  The lady who helped me could have easily done that.  Linny could have totally justified not putting herself out there by helping the young mom in the restroom.   There is a small element of risk.  We might feel uncomfortable or awkward.  Our own schedules may be delayed; and I get that we are ALL busy.  BUT what if we can be the little spark of hope to another human being who is making this journey called life?  What if we can lessen their burden?  God help me to remember this lesson and be faster to help the proverbial stranger. 

Abigail all cleaned up and happy.  Sonnet intent on getting her shoes off!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Shoes with Bling!

Sonnet doesn't like to wear socks or shoes.  As in she REALLY doesn't like anything on her feet and peels off anything put on them within minutes.  But sometimes I would prefer she not go to an appointment barefooted!  LOL!

I found these adorable shoes on clearance, and guess what?  She kept them on all morning at therapy. 

As we were leaving she was pulling at them again, and pretty much asking to get them OFF!  She got to ride home in her bare feet.  Glad to have a shoe that I can keep on her!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Sonnet goes to therapy

The Little Miss went to therapy for the first time.  She was all smiles as she met new people and waited for her turn.

She and her occupational therapist really hit it off.

She was pretty tired out after working hard for an hour, but we came away from the evaluation with some good ideas to work on at home.  Next up will be the physical therapy evaluation.